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Tours In Normandy is a commercial showcase for the NESTHE SARL passenger transport company, based in Le Havre (76610) - Normandy - France 


With Tours In Normandy, explore the tourist and cultural sites of Normandy, in a small group or in a private vehicle. Discover the local riches of the "reunified" Normandy, that is to say that which corresponds more or less to the Duchy of Normandy as inherited from Rollon, first Duke of Normandy (911).

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These general conditions are translated for information. In the event of disputes, only the French version will refer to the competent French courts.




1- Application, enforceability, modifications of the general conditions of service provision :

These General Conditions of Service (GCS) apply exclusively to all transport services performed by the company NESTHE SARL for any occasional collective service by means of one or more light vehicles, to its Customers. Consequently, placing an order implies the Customer's full and unreserved acceptance of these GCS, to the exclusion of any other document such as catalogs, prospectuses, etc. issued by NESTHE SARL and which have only an indicative value. Any contrary condition opposed by the principal will, therefore, failing express acceptance, be unenforceable against NESTHE SARL, regardless of when it may have been brought to its attention. The fact that NESTHE SARL does not take advantage of any of these general conditions at any given time cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the right to invoke any of these conditions at a later date. NESTHE SARL reserves the right to modify these general conditions at any time.

2- Definitions « NESTHE SARL » : the public passenger transport company NESTHE SARL registered with the RCS number 832 050 371 (in Le Havre – FRLEH), located 11 rue des platanes in Le Havre (76610), regularly registered in the register of public passenger road transport companies.

« Light Vehicle » : NESTHE SARL operates minivans with a maximum of 8 passenger seats, excluding the driver; or vehicles of the Family / Road category which can carry a maximum of 4 adults (including one in the central position) in the back seat, driver excluded.

« Customer » : the party which concludes the transport contract with the transport company. The Client can be the beneficiary of the transport or the intermediary responsible for organizing the transport for the beneficiary.

« Driver » : the person who drives the light vehicle.

« Crew Member » : the guide interpreter lecturer who can accompany the Customer on board the vehicle if the Customer has chosen this option when ordering. In this case, the number of passengers is reduced by 1 place: either Family / Road, 3 passenger seats; or minivan, 7 passenger seats.

« Passengers » : people who board the company's light vehicles with the exception of the driver.

« Catalog Circuit » : circuit as described in their presentation sheet on the or website.

« Transport Services » : understand the occasional collective transport service, which includes the placing of a light vehicle exclusively at the disposal of a group or several groups of people formed before taking charge of them.

« Public transportation of children » : transport organized primarily for people under the age of eighteen is excluded from the activity of the company NESTHE SARL.

« Initial Pick-up » : when the first passenger begins to board the light vehicle.

« Final Drop-Off » : the moment when the last passenger finishes getting off the light vehicle.

« Duration Provision » : the time which elapses between the moment when the light vehicle is made available to the Customer and that when the carrier regains the freedom of use thereof. The duration of provision includes the time for picking up and dropping off passengers and their luggage, which varies depending on the nature of the service.

« Intermediate stopping points » : places other than the initial pick-up point and the final drop-off point, where the light vehicle must stop at the request expressed by the Customer at the conclusion of the contract.

« Timetables » : the timetables defined according to normal traffic and transport conditions, ensuring compliance with safety obligations and social regulations relating to drivers' driving and rest times.

« Itinerary » : the itinerary is left to the initiative of the transporter NESTHE SARL in the case of shared transport within the framework of Catalog Circuits. Within the framework of transport in private mode, the Customer expressly formulates the adaptations which he wish to make to a Catalog circuit or submits, via a quote, to NESTHE SARL the necessary elements in order to establish a quote in accordance with the expectations of the Customer.

« Baggage » : identified goods carried on board light vehicles (trunk only) and belonging to passengers.

« Hand Baggage » : the baggage which the passenger keeps with him, without however compromising the safety or comfort of other passengers.


3- Orders

3-1 By transport contract is meant the estimate detailing the terms of transport and the corresponding prices issued by NESTHE SARL and accepted by the Customer. Any order from a Customer will only be recorded by paying the deposit requested for the online order, which is equivalent digitally to the return of a paper copy of the dated estimate, signed by the Customer, forming the transport contract. Unless specific provisions relating to seat reservations in shared vehicles, the reservation mechanism of which is described below.


3-2 Seat reservation in shared vehicles : departure of circuits marketed seat by seat will only be provided on the basis of reception of full payment for a minimum of 4 seats.

Two cases are possible :

a- A payer for 4 seats minimum : up to the payment of the deposit and then the balance at D-48H, the departure is considered guaranteed for the price announced. If X seats are reserved subsequently, the balance to be paid on D-48H can only decrease at paid seat rate level for all payers.

b- X payers to reach the minimum of 4 reserved seats : the principle of a waiting list is set up for each proposed circuit. Once the waiting list for a circuit records at least four seats, an email is sent to each registrants asking them to pay their deposit online ; then the remaining balance due at D-48H. Since the reservation process is lengthened by the management of this waiting list, the seat reservation process in this particular case cannot be implemented within 72 hours of a given departure. Up to the payment of the minimum reserved AND paid seats, the departure is considered guaranteed, and the transport contract formed.

NESTHE SARL and the Customer agree to comply with the terms of the contract.


3-3 Vehicle in private mode : a single payer for the entire light vehicle. In this case, the Customer can choose to book a Catalog Circuit available on the website. If he is not bound by the schedules of a Cruise ship from which he is descending, the “Standard Cruiser” schedules are not applied to him and he remains free from the start and end times of the contract within the limit of driver's working time (see article 5.2 below). The Customer can also, by means of a quote, request an adaptation of an existing circuit or make a request for a circuit entirely at will. All orders must be accompanied by the prior relevant information for NESTHE SARL and the prior documents under the conditions specified in article 4. In case of cancellation of the order by the Customer, for any reason whatsoever, apart from force majeure, the deposit paid on the order will be automatically acquired by NESTHE SARL and cannot give rise to any refund.


4- Advance information and documents to provide to the carrier

In each Circuit Catalog, the following elements are specified. Dates, schedules, itinerary : • the date, time and place of start and end of the light vehicle provision ; • the date, time and place of initial pick-up of passengers as well as the date, time and place of their final drop-off ; • the date, time and place of the intermediate stopping points ; • the route imposed in the case of circuits marketed seat by seat.


Composition of the group to be transported in a shared vehicle :

• the number of people and their identity that makes up the group per paying customer ;

• each minor must be accompanied by at least one adult ;

• reminder of French legislation : "The car seat is compulsory in France for children up to the age of 10, or when their size allows them to use the seat belt (1m35 - 1m50). Example: if your child is 9 years old and is 1.40m tall, he can use the seat belt ”. Otherwise, a car seat is imperative and you will be charged extra. It is the responsibility of the Customer to announce when ordering the need for such equipment. This equipment varies according to the ages and the morphology of the children: you will find here the detail of the French legislation:


Compliance with an arrival schedule for correspondence must be the subject of a stated and written requirement from the Client.


Composition of the group to be transported in a private vehicle :

• the number of people and their identity that makes up the group per paying customer ;

• each minor must be accompanied by at least one adult ;

• reminder of French legislation: "The car seat is compulsory in France for children up to the age of 10, or when their size allows them to use the seat belt (1m35 - 1m50). Example: if your child is 9 years old and is 1.40m tall, he can use the seat belt ”. Otherwise, a car seat is imperative and you will be charged extra. It is the responsibility of the Customer to announce when ordering the need for such equipment. This equipment varies according to the ages and the morphology of the children: you will find here the detail of the French legislation :


NESTHE SARL is not approved and does not have a vehicle suitable for the Transport of Persons with Reduced Mobility (TPRM).


Type of baggage :

• approximate overall weight and volume ;

• any preciousness and fragility ;

• any other specificities.


Means of communication :

• telephone contact details allowing NESTHE SARL to reach the Customer.



5 – Financial conditions

5-1 The price is inclusive of VAT (all taxes included). The price of the transport service is that appearing in the estimate, it includes the price of transport stricto sensu, the remuneration of the driver (s), administrative costs, type of vehicle, additional costs (toll, etc…). The prices include the VAT in force at the time of the estimate and are likely to change according to the VAT in force at the time of the realization of the service. Any modification of the initial transport contract attributable to the Customer, as mentioned in article 7, entails a readjustment of the rates of NESTHE SARL. The transport price initially agreed is revised in the event of significant variations in the costs borne by NESTHE SARL, which are due to conditions external to the latter, such as the price of fuel, and which NESTHE SARL can justify.


5-2 Invoicing :

5-2-a- The invoice is issued, in all cases, at the end of the payment of the balance of the transport service and is valid as a transport ticket within the framework of the activity of

5-2-b- The same applies to's activity. Except in the case of transport services taking place over several months, the Customer can then request to be invoiced monthly. In the event of late payment, NESTHE SARL may on the one hand suspend the execution of all or part of the current transport services, and on the other hand refuse any new service, without prejudice to any other course of action. In accordance with art. L441-6 of the Commercial Code, any delay in payment will give rise, if good seems to NESTHE SARL, and from the first day of delay :

• To the application of late payment interest, calculated on the entirety of the sums remaining due, equal to 3 times the legal interest rate,

• The application of a lump sum compensation for recovery costs in the amount of 40 euros (European Directive 2011/7 of February 16, 2011, Law 2012-387 of March 22, 2012 and Decree 2012-1115 of October 2, 2012),

• When the recovery costs incurred exceed the amount of this lump sum compensation, additional compensation will be requested, upon justification.


5-3 Penalties for non-compliance with schedules

The Customer agrees to respect the pick-up times, intermediate stopping points as specified in the Catalog Circuits. NESTHE SARL can not be held responsible for non-compliance with the schedules of the travel program defined in the Catalog Circuit following delays by certain members of the transported group. In the event of delay attributable to the Customer or to one of its members constituting the accompanied group, NESTHE SARL will be entitled to claim a lump sum compensation of 60 euros excluding tax per hour of delay, the first hour being indivisible.

Circuit on shared Vehicle : in the case of a Group made up in whole or in part of Cruise passengers, the timetable for the return to the quay for the first departing liner governs the departure time of the last stop point of the shared vehicle. NESTHE SARL reserves the right to give priority to the return of people present on time at the meeting point if the waiting time margin is greatly exceeded by late arrivals. However, the penalty cannot be applied in the following cases :

– if the delay is attributable to NESTHE SARL ;

– in case of force majeure. Is considered a case of force majeure, any fact or circumstance which is inevitable, unforeseeable, independent of the will of the parties and which cannot be prevented by the latter.


6 – Mutual information

Generally, the parties agree to actively collaborate and keep each other informed, and this as soon as possible. They undertake to communicate to each other all the information and documents essential for the proper performance of the mission or likely to facilitate its execution. In shared mode, the Customer undertakes to inform the participants for whom he is responsible for ensuring that they are on time at the meeting points. The Customer acknowledges that NESTHE SARL is required to comply with the regulations on driving times and rest periods for drivers (example: Community Regulation No. 561/2006 of March 15, 2006), in particular :

• The working range of drivers must be a maximum of 12 hours. It can be extended up to 14 hours on occasional service. Upstream and downstream of the provision of the light vehicle, other tasks fall within the scope of the working day (taking service, end of service, maintenance, etc.).

• The driver's actual daily working time may not exceed 10 hours, it may be increased for drivers to 12 hours once a week and a second time a week, up to 6 times over 12 weeks, provided that the duration work week has been spread over at least 5 days.

• The maximum daily driving time (between two daily, or daily and weekly rest periods), consisting of the addition of all driving periods to the exclusion of any other activity, is limited to 9 hours, which may be extended to 10 hours twice a calendar week.


7 – Execution of transport services

7-1 NESTHE SARL personally performs the transport missions entrusted to it. NESTHE SARL can subcontract all or part of its missions to another public road passenger transporter. In this case, it retains vis-a-vis the Customer the full responsibility for the obligations arising from the contract.

7-2 In a private vehicle, any new instruction from the Customer intended to modify the initial conditions for carrying out the transport in progress must be immediately confirmed to NESTHE SARL in writing or by any other process allowing memorization. NESTHE SARL is not obliged to accept these new instructions, in particular if they are such as to prevent it from honoring the transport commitments made initially. It must immediately notify the Customer in writing or by any other process by allowing memorization. Any modification to the contract may result in a readjustment of the agreed price in accordance with article 5-2.


8- Obligations of the parties

8-1 NESTHE SARL undertakes to comply with the terms of the mission contract, in terms of timetables, journey. It undertakes to comply with the regulations relating to its activity, in particular the highway code and the provisions relating to passenger safety. As part of the execution of the transport service, NESTHE SARL is bound by an obligation of means. NESTHE SARL undertakes to implement all the means necessary for the proper performance of its service, both from a human and material point of view.

NESTHE SARL undertakes that each light vehicle made available to the Customer be :

– In good working condition and meets all regulatory technical obligations ;

– Adapted to the distance to be covered, the characteristics of the group and the possible requirements of the Customer ;


8-2 Within the framework of this transport contract, the Customer agrees :

• To meet financial obligations,

• To transmit all the mandatory or necessary information within the framework of the requested service ;

• To respect the timetables defined in the transport contract ;

• To respect the number of passengers provided for in the transport contract ;


The Customer undertakes to communicate all information, documents useful and necessary for the successful completion of the mission of transport the company NESTHE SARL. In any event, NESTHE SARL can not be held responsible for harmful consequences of any kind whatsoever, due to incorrect information or lack of information from the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the actions of the passengers constituting the group transported. The Customer responds in particular to the damage caused to the light vehicle by the people constituting his group. Likewise, the Customer transcribes any instructions given by NESTHE SARL and ensures that passengers undertake to respect the safety instructions inside the light vehicle.


8-3 If, during the performance of its service, an event or incident occurs and makes it impossible to carry out all or part of this transport service under the conditions initially provided for in the contract, NESTHE SARL takes, as soon as possible, measures to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. At the same time, it informs the Customer to ask him for his instructions as to the continuation of the transport mission. If the event or incident is attributable to NESTHE SARL, the Customer may claim, in the event of duly proven damage, compensation which may not exceed the price of transport. If the event or incident is attributable to the Customer, the latter assumes the financial consequences within the limit of the transport price. However, NESTHE SARL will not be held responsible, nor can be considered as having violated the transport contract, if it is unable to respect any of its commitments, timetables or contractual deadlines due to force majeure, and in particular of war, riots, strike, fire, explosion, flood, cyclone, earthquake, sabotage, terrorist attack or any other event beyond its control and likely to compromise the execution of its service. If the incident or event is due to force majeure :

• additional transport costs are borne by the carrier ;

• additional costs other than transport are borne by the Customer ;

• additional delays do not give rise to compensation.


9- Customer complaint

To be admissible, any complaint by the recipient must be the subject of a written notification at the latest, within 8 working days following the execution of the service. It will be up to the Customer to provide any justification as to the nature and reality of the defect invoked. He will have to leave to NESTHE SARL any facility to proceed to the establishment of the defect invoked. He will not intervene himself or involve a third party for this purpose. Any claim by the Customer does not suspend the execution of its financial obligations.


10 – Insurance

NESTHE SARL undertakes to take out all the insurance necessary for these general conditions of service. The Customer agrees to take out all necessary insurance.


11 – Personal information

The personal information requested from the Customer is essential for the performance of the services and the preparation of invoices. In accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés” (law of January 6, 1978), he has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him by directly contacting the headquarters of NESTHE SARL.


12 – Election of the domicile of jurisdiction

For any legal action, the domicile is chosen by the Commercial Court under the head office of NESTHE SARL, even in the event of multiple defendants, which is expressly accepted by the Customer. In the event that any of the provisions of these general conditions for the provision of services are deemed or declared, by court decision, illegal or unwritten, the other provisions of these general conditions for the provision of services will remain in full force.

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